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Team(s) work makes the dream(s) work

If you have any sort of decent Microsoft licencing scheme that entitles you to Office 365 products, the chances are you also have a licence for Microsoft’s Teams lurking in there.

If you’ve not peeked into Teams yet, you’re missing out on one of the fastest changing products in Microsoft’s history. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking.

Created to become a rival to Slack and given away for free to clients with enterprise agreements, Teams opens up a whole new channel of communications. In fact, Teams is the product that brings you that elusive “omni-channel” experience your marketeers are always pining for.

Teams has consumed Skype for Business, providing end users with both voice, video and instant messaging solutions, fully integrated with the Office 365 products, allowing you to present documents to customers whilst in a video call. Teams now has location device support, allowing you to start a Teams meeting simply by using the proximity sensors on your device. If you have a Microsoft E5 or similar licence, you can also use Teams as your phone system, with a range of common ACD call centre functions normally reserved for monolithic phone systems readily available to you. For free, remember.

Teams also presents internal channels for teams of users to share communications or to discuss work experiences in an open forum style user experience. It is an immense store for knowledge management and a richly productive experience for the average user. These channels can also be expanded beyond “the perimeter” and shared with clients in an online collaborative team. Legal firms > take note.

Worried you might get consumed by it all? Teams also provides its own “apps” that allow you to integrate with with you commonly used products and if you get stuck, why not have a chat with T-Bot, the friendly automated assistant. Or even have a bash at developing your own Bot, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Teams is an intuitive product and within 10 minutes of installing it you'll have it mastered.

For years I have heard users grumble about our growing reliance on email and how the "send" button has turned into the pin of a hand grenade, or how we're all now out-of-hours slaves to our corporate inbox. But then when you step back and take a look at a mature Teams solution, adopted by its users in a busy company, it is easy to see the days of email domination are nearly over.


Wells Technology Services Ltd can help you plan your Teams implementation and assist you get that vital end user adoption. We make change management fun, not turgid, so why not get in touch if you are thinking of finding out more about teams.

If you are already a Teams user and want to see some of the latest cool features, why not hop over to

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