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...aaS. More disruption occurring, just not in LegalIT

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The other day I was flicking through the usual Facebook sales spam, when something stopped me in my tracks. A clever advert, I'd been drawn in and followed through to the website.

The link took me to a page where I could subscribe to a car as a service. In fact, they would include servicing and maintenance costs and send me a new fuel card to get a reduction off my fuel prices. No insurance to pay, and I could change the car after just 6 months for another brand spanking new one.

All I need do is fill out a little paperwork and several days later my new motor would arrive. No show room. No dodgy sheepskin wearing salesman with month-end specialz to offer me.

The service, literally "powered" by JLR, is called Carpe, but other car subscription models are available, such as Drover.

So, the relevance of all of this to Legal IT? This is PROPER legitimate #innovation. This is #disruption at its best. So next time you pay another year of 20% support and maintenance revenue to your incumbent providers, ask them for a subscription alternative to your crusty old CAPEX purchase.

But look very carefully and you might find a few legal IT providers who are ahead of the curve. They understand the subscription model and always have. You know who you are. I applaud you.

I'm off to subscribe for a car...

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