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Wells Technology Services Ltd was founded to provide technology services that would drive real business value to those organisations ready to make the change. 

We believe we can provide that first step, to bridge the gap in skills before a firms needs to take on a full time executive to lead their technology function.

As trusted advisers or hired hands, we're here to fill your brief by providing you with a fractional IT solution. 


The role of Chief Technology Officer, or IT Director is a key constituent on the board of enterprise sized businesses,  where technology strategy aligns to the business plan and facilitates change  and growth. It is uncommon for such  a resource to reside within smaller companies, where IT often sits under a mid-level manager who has neither board presence or previous strategic experience.

It is perhaps natural that the size of the organisation, as measured by its turnover and profitability, may be inhibited in recruiting senior full-time IT skills as senior IT skills can command very high direct overheads, allowing for an executive package and benefits. Some businesses consequently become tactical technologists, driven by reaction and respond to change from behind the curve... or worse still clone their technologies from what they know of their competitors.

Fractional IT provides a firm with a seasoned, experienced IT Director, with experience from a number of sectors and technologies. We can help you define your IT strategy, grow and mentor your own IT talent, manage your projects and the issues and risks associated with them and even help you recruit a permanent solution to your future technology staffing  requirements. 

Let's explore the real benefit of using Wells Technology Services to provide you with a Fractional IT service.


You choose to draw down exactly how much you want from us. This could be from as little as a few days of counsel through to a regular commitment to a part-time service. We won't tell you how to run your business, or what you should afford, only what technology is appropriate to your circumstances. 

You might chose to engage us to manage a project  delivery for you. We cover our own costs, so you pay just one rate. No national insurance, pensions, healthcare or other ancillary employment costs. We use our own equipment too, unless your have more specific data processing requirements for you or your clients. We'll work remotely, at your clients' place of work, or in your own offices. We are entirely location agnostic.

Alternatively, you might instead engage us to help you deliver a technology road-map that will bring your business plans to life and deliver the promise of real business growth. Thinking to merge with or acquire another business? We'll be your trusted partner in your team, discreetly performing due diligence on the other party's technology functions and capabilities.


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